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Course code: Assessor Ref

Duration: 2 days

Course code: Assessor Ref

Duration: 2 days


Course aim

The course addresses qualified ATM personnel. The course aim is to refresh the knowledge required for the competence assessment of colleagues and/or students in the operational environment. Emphasis is placed on retaining skills in assessment tools and techniques and creating awareness of the regulatory requirement. It also gives an understanding of the beneficial impact of the competence assessment on safety as well as on the development of the unit and the individual.

Course objectives

After completion of the course, the participants have:
  • A deeper understanding of the competence assessor role and responsibilities
  • Refreshed knowledge of assessment tools and techniques
  • Knowledge of the recent development with assessment related topics
  • Awareness of the positive impact competence assessment has on both individual and the unit

Course overview

The duration of the course is two days. The course contains theoretical training, group work, group discussion and case studies.


Successful completion of Entry Point North's Assessor course, or equivalent.

Compliance with regulations

  • Compliant with Commission Regulation (EU) No 2015/340
  • Compliant with Eurocontrol Guidelines for Competence Assessment (edition 2.0, edition date 16.03.2005)

Content in brief


Introduction of the course participants and the instructors. During the introduction participants get familiar with the course content and discuss their expectations from the course.

Exchange of experience

Exchanging previous experiences that the course participants have had regarding competence assessment, current challenges they face and different solutions.

The purpose and possibilities of assessment

Understanding the purpose and the many possibilities of competence assessment. Discussing the definition and meaning of competence, how to assess this and the various methods and tools to do so.


Becoming informed of new and pertinent regulation relevant to competence assessment.


Recognising the importance of effective communication skills and getting familiar with various communication tools and techniques.


Reflecting on the course content and considering how to apply the gained knowledge at their respective unit.
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