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Duration: 2 weeks

Duration: 2 weeks


Introduction to Aviation English course aim

The Introduction to Aviation English course is designed for ATM personnel starting their career in aviation. The principal aim of the course program is to introduce the participants to the highly specialised vocabulary of aviation.

Course objectives

After completing the Introduction to Aviation English course, participants have:
  • The skills to confidently use the basic vocabulary of aviation English.
  • The knowledge needed to start their professional ATM training.
  • The skills to communicate in real-life situations in aviation.

Course overview

The Introduction to Aviation English course program comprises classroom training consisting of:
  • Role play exercises
  • Tasks based on aviation videos
  • Discussions
  • Vocabulary exercises
  • Reading and understanding aviation relevant news articles
  • Self-study
As the communication in aviation is predominantly oral and often lacks visual contact, the Introduction to Aviation English course seeks to enhance participants’ listening comprehension, vocabulary and speaking skills. This is achieved by adopting an essentially communicative approach to language learning with the main focus on interactive skills, speaking and listening. The training program is supported by a course book which covers basic aviation topics.

Our highly experienced teachers provide close and continuous supervision, individual coaching and support to each one of the participants.

A tailor-made course can be offered to meet individual client needs.


The Introduction to Aviation English course is designed for participants with a pre-intermediate or higher level of English.

Content in brief

The course is designed as a 2-week intensive course with 4 contact hours a day.

Typical content includes:
  • Air travel
  • Airports
  • Ground handling equipment and personnel
  • Runways and taxiways
  • Meteorology
  • Meteorology and air traffic operations
  • Aircraft types
  • Aircraft parts
  • Damage and failure to aircraft
  • Emergency situations
  • Aircraft emergency equipment
  • Navigation equipment
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Flight plans
  • Air Traffic Control
  • Abbreviations and acronyms used in aviation
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