On-the-Job Training Instructor Refresher

On-the-Job Training Instructor Refresher
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Course code: OJTI Ref

Duration: 2 days

Course code: OJTI Ref

Duration: 2 days


On-the-Job Training Instructor Refresher

Course aim

The course addresses On-the-Job Training Instructor (OJTI) personnel working at air traffic control centres or towers, or other ATM officers. The aim of the course is to update and reinforce the techniques and knowledge acquired on the On-the-Job Training Instructor (OJTI) course. This course also renews the validity of the OJTI rating and aims to inspire and motivate participants to continue to work as On-the-Job Training Instructors.

Course objectives

After completing the course, the participants have:
  • Refreshed knowledge of fundamental adult learning theory and best practice based on modern appreciative approach to students and how to establish a healthy learning environment.
  • Revised knowledge and skills of modern coaching techniques, teaching methods, principles and tools in all the traditional areas of OJT: briefing, training and debriefing.
  • Knowledge of applying appropriate OJT styles and techniques with an emphasis on coaching and questioning.
  • A deeper understanding of the On-the-Job Training Instructor role.
  • Reviewed knowledge of stress handling, communication, assessment and report writing.

Course overview

The course contains both lectures and group exercises and is two days in length. It is a flexible course: a tailor-made solution can be offered according to individual client needs.


The course is aimed at already qualified OJTI personnel. Participants must have successfully completed an OJTI course at Entry Point North or other recognised training academy. According to EU Regulation No 340/2015 OJTI Refresher training should be taken every three years to maintain OJTI endorsement.

Compliance with regulations

  • Compliant with the Commission Regulation (EU) No 2015/340
  • Approved by the Swedish CAA

Content in brief


Understanding the structure, content and principles of the successful OJTI training programme.

Training philosophy

Appreciating the impact of modern training philosophy on structuring and delivering the training.

Human factors

Understanding the human factors concerning teaching and learning, teams, communication and stress that all have an impact upon training.

Training techniques

Applying the appropriate On-the-Job Training techniques during co-operation agreements, briefing, training and debriefing.

Assessment methods and report writing

Appreciating the purpose of assessment during training and knowledge of how training reports should be written.


Entry Point North successfully conducted OJTI Refresher courses for Avinor (Norway), LFV (Sweden), Naviair (Denmark), FTK (Denmark), LGS (Latvia), HungaroControl (Hungary), etc.

Course benefits

  • PREMIUM TRAINING QUALITY. Modern training philosophy, tools and methods, academy developed practical course handbook
  • MOBILITY. The course can be delivered almost anywhere according to the wish of the customer
  • COST EFFICIENCY. The course is only 2 days in length
  • FLEXIBILITY. Tailor made course according to customer needs can be offered
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