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Duration: Customised

Duration: Customised


Course aim

The aim of the refresher training courses is to review, reinforce and upgrade participants’ existing knowledge and skills. There are various reasons why refresher training may be needed, for example for students whose training has been discontinuous, air traffic controllers who have been away from the controller job or have been assigned other work tasks for an extended period of time, or as support to activities described in a unit competence scheme (UCS).

Course oveview

Entry Point North can design any refresher course according to the client's specific requirements in terms of the course content, duration, number of participants, topics covered during the course etc. The course is typically divided into theoretical lessons and practical hands-on simulation exercises.


The theoretical part of the course covers the topics that need to be refreshed, depending on individual needs of participants.

Simulator training

The practical part comprises relevant simulator training. The simulator training can include skill exercises with a limited aim and/or general system training with several sectors, coordination etc.


The refresher training courses are designed for operational air traffic controllers.

Compliance with regulations

The course is available in different formats at the client's request including a full compliance with Eurocontrol specification for the ATCO Common Core Content for the required rating/endorsement.

Content in brief

  • Standard practices and procedures training, using approved phraseology and effective communication
  • Abnormal and emergency situations training, using approved phraseology and effective communication
  • Human factors training
The course can be designed according to any client needs - Entry Point North creates customised refresher courses covering any air traffic control related topics the client requires.

Abnormal Situations Training

Training for circumstances, including degraded situations (a result of a technical system failure or human error), which are neither routinely nor commonly experienced and for which an air traffic controller has not developed automatic skills.

Emergency Training

The aim of the emergency training courses is to enhance air traffic controllers' knowledge, skills and behaviour in case of emergencies, serious and dangerous situations, when immediate action is required.

The theoretical part of the emergency training typically covers selected topics from the internationally recognised ASSIST checklist covering the Eurocontrol 16 scenarios (e.g. electrical problems, bird strike, brake problems) and/or topics according to client's requirements. The practical part comprises relevant simulator training. Both the theoretical and practical parts of the course are based on the Eurocontrol Guidelines for Controller Training in the Handling of Unusual/Emergency Situations.


Entry Point North has successfully conducted ADI/APS/ACS refresher training for:
  • LFV
  • Avinor
  • Albcontrol
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