Remote tower

Remote tower
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Course code: RTO

Duration: 5 days

Course code: RTO

Duration: 5 days


Remote tower

Course aim

The course is designed for operational or student controllers who have completed their ADI or AFIS training and will operate at a remote tower. The aim of the course is to provide a theoretical base to enable controllers to understand the unique aspects of working at a remote tower facility, and prepare them for unit training.

Course objectives

After completion of the course, the student has:
  • The skills to perform their controller or information functions safely in a remote tower environment
  • An understanding of both the limitations and benefits of operating in a remote tower environment

Course overview

  • The course comprises five days of theory lessons
  • The course can be delivered at any location with suitable classroom or conference facilities
  • The course can be equipment-specific depending on the customer’s requirements
  • RTO simulation can be added to a course


Approved results from an ADI or AFIS course taken at Entry Point North or another EU-recognised training facility.

Compliance with regulations

The course is compliant with Eurocontrol NPA 2017-21.

Content in brief

  • Remote tower operations overview
  • Licensing and regulations
  • Special rules and exceptions
  • Equipment limitations
  • Equipment unserviceabilities
  • Human factors: differences between traditional tower control and remote operations, operating multiple towers simultaneously, prioritisation and scheduling of work
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