Synthetic Training Device Instructor

Synthetic Training Device Instructor
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Course code: STDI

Duration: 5 days

Course code: STDI

Duration: 5 days


Synthetic Training Device Instructor

Course aim

The course addresses qualified air traffic control (ATCO) officers and aeronautical flight information service (AFIS) officers or others interacting with students in a simulator environment, who wish to become competent and licensed synthetic training device instructors (STDIs). The course provides the participants with a basic knowledge of teaching and practical methods, principles and tools to manage the interaction with the trainees during their initial training.

Course objectives

After completing the course, the participants have:
  • Knowledge about the theory of learning and essential aspects to enhance motivation
  • Awareness of the different STDI techniques pertaining to coaching, instructing, monitoring and observing and its impact
  • Knowledge and skills necessary to perform briefing, training on the position and debriefing
  • Knowledge about stress and fatigue and awareness of importance for developing resilience
  • Awareness of modern and positive approach to training and how to establish cooperation agreement
  • Understanding of the importance of effective communication and interaction with students and ATCO colleagues
  • Knowledge about Unit Training Plan (UTP), Continuation training and report writing
  • Knowledge of Commission Regulation (EU) No 2015/340 in regard to unit training and STDI endorsements

Course overview

Continuous assessment is applied. The course participants will show their ability to work according to the training structure in the practical exercises and show a positive and open minded attitude towards student training. The OJTI course duration is five days.


Qualification as an air traffic controller or other ATM personnel with at least two years of operational experience.

Content in brief


The structure, content and principles of a successful Synthetic Training Device Instructor (STDI) training program.

Training philosophy

The impact of modern training philosophy on a structure and delivery of training.

Human factors

Human factors concerning teaching and learning, team work, communication and stress, the impact on training.

Training techniques

Training techniques during co-operation agreements, briefing, training and debriefing.

Assessment methods and report writing

The importance of an assessment during training. Training reports writing.
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