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Course code: TraT

Duration: Customised

Course code: TraT

Duration: Customised


Course aim

The course is designed to impart knowledge and understanding of national site-specific operational procedures and task-specific aspects. The aim of the course is to enable the student air traffic controller and/or the trainee air traffic controller to reach the objectives, required as prerequisites for the Pre-On-the-Job Training.

Course objectives

After completion of the course, the participants shall have:
  • Knowledge and understanding of national regulations and procedures applicable for the relevant area of operations
  • Knowledge and understanding of site-specific operational procedures and task-specific aspects
  • Knowledge, skills and understanding in accordance with the specified training objectives as described in applicable training plans, unit training plan and otherwise relevant documentation

Course overview

Entry Point North offers customised Transitional Training courses based on client's requirements and in cooperation with its training experts, for on-site delivery. The course focuses on the theoretical events and shall be followed by a practical On-the-Job Training (see here).

The usage of the training philosophy, tools and methods applied during initial rating training within Entry Point North continues to be applied in the Transitional Training course, which provides a natural continuity.


To have successfully completed Entry Point North's relevant Initial training, alternatively training equivalent to EUROCONTROL-SPEC-0113, Annex 1 and Annex 7 (EU) or otherwise equivalent training (non-EU).

Content in brief

The content of the course is developed in co-operation with the ordering unit.


Entry Point North has successfully developed Transitional Training courses for IAA (Ireland), LFV (Sweden), Naviair and VFK (Denmark).
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