ATSEP Assessor Refresher

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Course aim

The course ensures that already competent ATSEP assessors maintain their knowledge and understanding of safe and efficient assessment of colleagues and/or students in the operational environment. Additionally, the course improves assessors’ safety awareness, communication skills, understanding of human performance, motivation, and confidence.

Course structure

This is a 1-day course in which we use various training methods: classroom lessons, group work/discussions, exercises, role-play, and scaffolding teaching.

The course can be delivered on-site at Entry Point North, at the client’s premises, or in a Virtual Classroom.

Content in brief

The course covers topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Reinforcing assessors’ understanding and use of the assessment techniques/methods
  • Refreshing knowledge of regulatory requirements for competence assessors and competence assessment scheme
  • Improve understanding of how to objectively measure operational competence
  • Improve the use of effective verbal communication, non-verbal communication, and effective listening skills during the assessment of competence


Successful completion of an ATSEP OJTI and Assessor course.

Compliance with regulations

Compliant with Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/373.

ATSEP Assessor Refresher

1 day
  • Prerequisites
    • ATSEP OJTI and Assessor course
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