ATSEP OJTI Refresher

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Course aim

This course ensures that already competent ATSEP OJTIs maintain their knowledge and understanding, and even deepen it in various Human Factors objectives.

It also strengthens performance, motivation, and confidence in a wide variety of training events and situations. Additionally, the course is designed to review, reinforce, and strengthen the existing competence of the ATSEP OJTI Refresher student in order to provide safe, efficient, and successful training.

Course structure

This is a 1-day course in which we use various training methods: classroom lessons, group work/discussions, exercises, role-play, and scaffolding teaching. This results in a blend of classroom lessons, group work/discussions, exercises, and case studies.

The course can be delivered on-site at Entry Point North, at the client’s premises, or in a Virtual Classroom.

Content in brief

The course covers topics such as, but not limited to:

  • Reinforcing understanding and use of the standard OJTI techniques.
  • Improving the use of various tools when meeting challenges in the training of students.
  • Refreshing knowledge about learning and essential aspects to enhance motivation.
  • Improving the use of effective verbal communication, non-verbal communication, and effective listening skills during the training and assessment of competence.


Successful completion of an ATSEP OJTI and Assessor.

Compliance with regulations

Compliant with Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/373.

ATSEP OJTI Refresher

1 day
  • Prerequisites
    • ATSEP OJTI and Assessor
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