Practical Instructor Course

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Course aim

This course provides qualified Air Traffic Controllers or other ATS personnel with the necessary competencies to work as OJTI/STDI. Additionally, the course can be taken to renew the validity of an expired OJTI/STDI endorsement.

Course structure

In this 5-day course, we use a mix of methods that gives the participant a good grasp of the course material. Methods include classroom lessons, group work, facilitated discussions, demonstration, exercises, briefing/debriefing, skill acquisition, role-play, case studies, self-study, and e-learning. Throughout the course, a competence assessor applies continuous assessment following Commission Regulation (EU) No 2015/340.

Content in brief

The course covers topics such as, but not limited to:

  • The impact of our training philosophy on the structure and delivery of training.
  • Human factors relating to teaching and learning, behaviour, teamwork, communication, stress and fatigue management, etc.
  • Challenges in the student’s performance, how to help students to overcome challenges in the training.
  • Appropriate OJTI/STDI techniques during co-operation agreements/briefing, training on the position, and debriefing.
  • OJTI/STDI techniques on coaching, instructing, monitoring, and observing and their impact.
  • The role of the OJTI when training colleagues in the operational environment.
  • Assessment methods and report writing, which covers competency-based training and assessment models, dedicated and continuous assessment, and the importance of quality of report writing.
  • Unit Training Plan (UTP) and Continuation Training.
  • Practical training: applying the acquired knowledge and understanding through scenario-based exercises including role-play. The training is conducted on RST (Radar Skill Trainer).
  • The theory of learning and essential aspects to enhance motivation.
  • Stress and fatigue and awareness of the importance of developing resilience.
  • A modern and positive approach to training and how to establish co-operation agreement.
  • The importance of effective communication/interaction with students and ATCO colleagues.
  • Commission Regulation (EU) No 2015/340 regarding unit training and OJTI/STDI endorsements.


Qualification as an Air Traffic Controller or other ATS personnel.

Compliance with regulations

  • Compliant with Commission Regulation (EU) No 2015/340
  • Approved by the Swedish National Supervisory Authority.


5 days
  • Prerequisites
    • Qualification as an Air Traffic Controller or other ATS personnel.
  • Scheduled dates
    • 9 - 13 Sep 2024, Entry Point North, Malmö
    • 16 - 20 Dec 2024, Entry Point North, Malmö
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